Common Water Heater Problems

Electrical problems cause many thousands of fires every year, and many can be avoided. One way to avoid a fire is to call for electrical service when there are signs of electrical problems. The following are indications that service is likely or definitely needed:

If lights are flickering, there could be a need to change circuits for lighting. Energy hogs, such as appliances that heat or cool, are usually the cause of flickering lights.

Strange odors sometimes occur when an appliance is powered on for the first time. If a smell is detected from an outlet, the appliance should be unplugged. Anything connected to the outlet should be unplugged. Contact us at Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing for electrical service before you use that outlet again. A qualified electrician should check it out. In the same way, if your breaker panel or fuse box ever emits a strange odor, contact our electricians without delay.

Sparking is always a sign that electrical service is needed. Contact our electricians immediately if there is sparking from an outlet, fuse box, or breaker panel. If an appliance sparks, it could be that the appliance is in need of repair. An electrician can test the outlet and the appliance, to determine whether there is electrical damage of some kind.

If switch plates or outlets are hot even though nothing has been plugged in, the cause may be incorrect wiring. The system should be serviced as soon as possible.

Don’t risk a fire. If there are signs of problems, don’t hesitate to contact us for electrical service.