Our emergency response team is able to cover
ALL plumbing issues that may arise at ANY time.

Urinal Servicing

Functional urinals in the bathrooms of your business make a big difference in keeping everything neat and orderly.

Pipe Installation

Continuous use can eventually wear down many piping systems, especially those in older homes made from inferior material. It may be time for repiping in your home or business.

Drain Cleaning

Get rid of grease and other waste clogging your pipes and holding up your ability to do business.

Toilet Install & Repair

The desire to upgrade, constant malfunctions or accidental damage may have you in need of toilet repair or a complete replacement of your fixture.


Comitted to the Quality of life in our Communities

For years, the core of the Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing group’s mission has been our commitment to delivering quality services to businesses and residences in Houston and all surrounding areas. We promote a culture emphasizing exemplary care for our customers and the highest standards of professionalism from our staff. That pledge extends to providing our clients with prompt service delivery at reasonable prices.


We understand the distress you experience when unexpected plumbing issues disrupt your daily routine. Our technicians work hard to get businesses back up and running at 100% before problems have significant impacts on their customer base.

 They work with homeowners to explain the root of their problems and the solutions applied to address them. Customers receive straightforward answers and cost-efficient solutions geared at the quickest resolution possible.


Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing believes that an educated customer is a better one, and every one of us is committed to supporting our clients in that aspect.



At Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing we understand that every issues can be different from the next, so we offer our deep comprehensive care to assure each Client is given the most efficient solution. We pride ourselves in showing upmost professionalism and care to each and every one of their needs. 


Always Open * Always Local

We known the worst things can happen at the most unfortunate times, therefore we always keep our Technicians local so they can respond very quickly.


Unbeatable Prices

At Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing, we are constantly striving for unbeatable pricing on our quality work. We research to ensure we provide the best prices in town so you can stop wasting time searching.


Licensed and Insured

All of our technicians are Licensed and insured and go though our extensive Training process to assure the highest quality of service. 


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